Please ONLY pay your deposit if you have had your date/ time confirmed by a member of staff.
Please click the 'Buy Now' button below which is the £30 deposit.

By paying the non refundable deposit you accept our T's and C's


We require a NON REFUNDABLE deposit of £30.00 to secure your chosen time and date for your event. The remaining balance must be paid in full with in 7 days prior to the event, failing to do so will result in the loss of your deposit. If payment is not made you will recieve a warning. If after 24hrs the party is not paid it shall be cancelled. We have a waiting list for all dates and your party will be given to next in line. For Glass Slipper & Golden Carriage packages you will have till 5pm to pay your remaning amount. If you cancel your party before your 7 day period you will not owe your remaining balance. If you cancel your party after your 7 day notice full balance is due. Your venue must also be confirmed with in 30 days BEFORE your party.

Travel fee's must also be paid 7 days before your party, partys out of Ipswich Town will incur a fee.

Please put the correct postcode and venue on your booking form, we follow a satnav to find your party.

We are very busy with parties so we must run on our scheduled times.

Please make sure all guest arrived 10 mins before your 'princess party' starts, we can not be delayed and will start the party on your chosen time.

Absolutely no smoking while the performer is present and no animals near the characters.

Abuse and foul language will not be premitted. Doing so would result in an immediate end to the party with no refund.

We are all about the safety to our guests and so there must be a responsible parent or adult present at all times to monitor and oversee all children. We are their to entertain your guests, not babysit. Our performers will not be able to discipline children who are misbehaving, raise their voice or shout during their preformance.

Our performers and our company is not responsible for any injury or damages that may occur at your party.

Please confirm with all parents that glitter tattoos/ makeup and glitter art is OK.

Please make sure there is a table set up for our glitter tattoos etc.


All purchase's are final and are non-refundable, the event will go ahead what ever the weather or circumstances. There must

be 1 Adult per 1 child, extra adults will be turned away.

All activities will be aimed at children aged 3-8 years.

A booking form will be sent to the email used to purchased the ticket, you must complete the booking form- failing to do so will mean no entry,

Note: Physical tickets will not be mailed out. Names you provide will be added to our guest list. All sales are final. Please print

your confirmation email after purchase is complete. Once a session is SOLD OUT - an SOLD OUT message will appear on your screen.

YOU MUST COMPLETE YOUR BOOKING FORM- failing to do so will mean no entry.

ALL EVENTS ARE FILMED - Buy purchasing tickets you allow us to film yourselves.


Due to health and saftey we can have only 20 people present in the pool, this includes lifegaurds, preformers & children. For this reason only 4 adults from the party can be present in the pool during a party and up to 6 adults present in the pool for an event.

Too many adult's make it harder to conduct our events and parties, meaning children miss important magic.

For pool events the 6 adults space will be given to those with the smallest and weakest swimmers.

It is the adults responbilty to watch their children while they are in the pool.

It is the adults call whether they belive their children are strong enough swimmers to take party in parties and events.

We encourage armbands in the pool.

Large floats and mermaid tails can not be used in the pool for saftey reasons.

After the pool side of the party or event we ask all children to gather in the changing rooms, this is so the mermaid can exit the pool.

Please do not enter the pool until told to, you could ruin the magic for your children.

Please arrive no earlier than 10 mins to your party, again children may see staff arriving and this will ruin the magic!


If your numbers are over the stated number of your package booking then the charge is £5 per head. We bring enough crafts,ribbons and tattoos for the amount of children booked.


Clients will need to pay for any parking for your entertainer. Please let your entertainer know where she is best parking and if there are any charges please inform her of these charges and then please give her the cash for this on day. Failing to provide parking can fault in your party being cancelled- our perfomers will not put their saftey are risk by parking in obstructive places.


In case of extreme weather conditions (dangerous snow, severe ice, flooding etc) we will do our best to arrive at your party. If you choose to cancel you MUST let us know at least 2 hours before your party or full payment will need to be given to our staff.

If you do cancel we will transfer your deposit (£30) for another choosen date and refund you the remaining amount.

Where our performers cannot make it safely to your party, we will be happy to transfer your deposit (£30) towards another agreed upon date and time.

Warm Weather- Our gowns and wigs are very heavy due to the quality of them and if you are holding at event or party outside our performer must have a area in the shade. In extreme heat our performer can only perfom in 45 min sets and will need a break inside to cool down.

Rain- Our perfomers can NOT perform in the rain due to the cost of the gowns and wigs, please provide shelter for them.

We will never risk our staff's safety in any weather conditions.

Please ONLY pay your deposit if you have had your date/ time confirmed by a member of staff.
Please click the 'Buy Now' button below which is the £30 deposit.

By paying the non refundable deposit you accept our T's and C's