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The Immersive Party Experience is the brand new way to enjoy your little one's Birthday Party. When you walk through the doors of an Immersive Party Experience you are transported to a whole new world from deco, entertainment, themed music and onsite staff.

Will you be dining in the palace with the Princesses? Becoming the Ring Master at the Circus? Perhaps your searching for Tigers in the Jungle? Or even recruiting your newest team of your Pirate Island?

With 15 years experience in the Events & Entertainment world we create party experience like no other, it's no wonder we supply parties to the STARS.

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little 'extra'"

Roald Dahl

To create your perfect birthday we first need an inital chat. This can be done Via Phone Call, Web Call or Meeting at your birthday venue.

What we discuss:

*Your Goal- What experince do you wish to Create?

*Birthday Child- What is their intrests & Dreams?

*Theme- Maybe we off to the Circus or Neverland?

*Your Budget- How many gold coins to spend?

*Personal Manager-Your personal stylist?

*The Big Day- How do you wish the day to go?

After our Inital Chat you will then be emailed your proposal and moodboard.

Once you are all booked in then the magic begins to happen. We keep you up to date on our progress and how your party planning is going.

What's happening BTS:

*Your Theme- We are creating all props!

*Birthday Child's Dreams- We are making a reality!

*Entertainment- Your Performers are being chosen!

*Party Fun- Your experience is now being planned!

*Venue- We are visiting the venue for specs!

*Bespoke Extras- We are adding that extra sparkle!

Your Event/Party will have a full team dedicated to your special day!

The Big Day has Arrived! Your Magical day is here & your dedicated team will be onsite to oversee set up and day management.

The Big Day:

*Set Up- Our Team will begin setting your world up!

*Guest Arrival-Wow your guest straight from the go

*Entertainment-Be mesmerised by our performers!

*Party Fun- See those imaginations work!

*Birthday Child- Watch their dreams come true!

*YOU!- Sit back and enjoy the magic!

On your special day, your personal stylist will be onsite from the start to the end to make sure your day runs smoothly.