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Supplying fantastic entertainment for the UK's BEST companies.

Offering amazing acts which are transferable to any venue, from theatre to hotel's, events,nightclub and even festival's!

Need fun and friendly entertainment for your festival, event or store opening?

We offer a range of tailored ideas to suit you and your theme with our workshops, shows, meet and greet & singing characters.

We do festivals, events, shopping centres, hoilday parks, farms and theme parks.


From fire breathing dancers, classically trained singers, gorgeous showgirls, Pointe Ballerinas, and even a fully themed Glitter bar.

When we say we do it all, we really mean it! Looking for something unique? We can take your dream and make it a reality with our talented cast, costume designers, choreographers and 15 years of experience!


We have supplied our entertainment to some of the biggest names in the business! From Bar entertainment to corporate Christmas Parties, PR Events & Celeb Events.

We can create custom shows and productions for your next big event. The Dream Team deliver the unexpected and create a show that is beyond your imagination. Let your clients leaving your event remembering your name!


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