Childrens Entertainment


We have fully interactive workshops perfect for shopping centres like our craft workshops with all sorts of themes, from painting mugs, dancing, sticking, crown making,storytelling and more!


We have many interactive shows available for you! Shows can last between 15-60 mins and can be great for shopping centres, festivals and farms.

We even have our stunning Fairy Aerial Act!

Live Singing

Singing Princess are a sure crowd pleaser. We have supplied our singing princess for many events including for Ipswich Christmas Market. We can perform all the greatest fairytale hits as well as any themed songs.

Meet & Greet

Our characters can meet and greet guests at any event, shopping centres, farms etc.

We can be stationary with our own set up for photos and meeting guests or we can roam free while mingling with guests.


We can provide all types of acts for festivals. We have Characters, Stilt Walkers, Shows, Dancers, Workshops.. the list is endless. We have done many festivals across the UK and love new creative ideas.


We are one of the only UK business to supply mermaid acts of all kind!

Swimable Mermaids, Meet and Greet, Storytimes and Shows!

We have some stunning mermaids who can make any pool, fountain or even tank look amazing.

Crystal Queens

Every event, party, wedding or festival NEEDS GLITTER! Our Crystal Queens use diamonds, gems and sparkles to create amazing looks! Our Crystal Queens can come dressed as Mermaids, Unicorns, Fairies, Elves.. the list goes on!


Ballerinas, Hawiian dancers, Cheerleaders are just some of the dancers we have here at The Dream Team. We can provide acts for your event or even fun and friendly dance classes!

Need fun and friendly entertainment for your festival, event or store opening?

We offer a range of tailored ideas to suit you and your theme with our workshops, shows, meet and greet & singing characters.

We do festivals, events, shopping centres, hoilday parks, farms and theme parks.